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IUCN Peatland Programme Annual Conference - October 2014
By SuperUser Account 24 Jul 2014
Our annual 'Investing in Peatlands' conference series will be from Monday October 20th - Wednesday October 22nd 2014 at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness, Scotland.
The focus this year will be on peatland management including restoration techniques and will present some of the latest research findings on the benefits of peatland restoration.  There will also be an update on the work of the Peatland Code and the opportunities for private funding to compliment public funding of peatland management.

We are keen for all peatland restoration projects in the UK and internationally to showcase their work through this event and encourage projects to submit posters for the poster session (details below).

#PeatlandAction2014  #LearnfromSuccess2014

Full Conference Package
Early Bird - £290 inc VAT - Bookings until August 22nd
Standard - £350 inc VAT - 23rd August - 19th September
Late - there is no full conference package available after the 19th September.

Single Day rates
Early Bird: £65 inc VAT - Bookings until 22nd August
Standard: £75 inc VAT 23rd August to 19th September
Late: £80 inc VAT - 20th Sept - 3rd October
Please note: we will be unable to arrange accommodation for registrations made after the 20th September. After this date, you should book accommodation independently.

Cancellations after 19th September will not be refunded.


DAY 1 - Monday 20th October

12:00 – 13:00 Registration

13:00 - Session 1 - Taking stock: What progress is being made towards our peatland goals

The IUCN UK Peatland Programme Commission of Inquiry gave a recommendation to bring of 1 million ha of peat into good condition or under restoration management by 2020.  This session will look at what has been achieved both in policy terms and in real outcomes on the ground.  We will look at the tools available to help measure progress including national surveys, the latest remote sensing techniques and citizen science opportunities.

13:00 – Welcome
Scottish Government

13:15 – Overview of progress under the IUCN UK Peatland Programme
Summary of the work of the Partnership and achievements to date including Country level action from the statutory agencies and an EU perspective

13:45 – Peatland Mapping and Condition Assessment
Reports on peatland mapping of the resource and its condition in the 4 UK countries

14:00 – Global assessment of peatlands
A look at work to assess peatland distribution and condition globally.

Panel Discussion


Session 2 - The new business and environment partnerships
Businesses are increasingly considering their role in helping secure a healthy environment.  What type of support can businesses provide and how can we help make the peatland challenge relevant to businesses.

15:00 – Keynote speaker: Business and the environment partnerships
An overview of Business interest in supporting environmental objectives with individual examples from across the retail and food and drinks industry.

15:45 – How Enterprise can support Peatland action
Presentation to examine the role of Government Enterprise and Business innovation agencies in supporting environmental action.

16:00 - Peatland Carbon Code Pilot Phase Update

16:15 – Summary of Defra Research to support the Peatland Code

16:45 – Concluding Remarks and panel discussion

Poster Session

19:00 Welcome Dinner

Day 2 – Tuesday 21st October

09:00 – Welcome

09:05 Session 3 – Learning from Restoration
Peatland restoration projects have been underway for several decades.  What lessons can we learn about good restoration practice and the benefits it brings for carbon water and biodiversity.

09:05 – Peatland Restoration Guidance
Overview of the restoration guidance currently available

09:45 - Round One of Workshops
The Workshops are aimed at exploring the information available to support good peatland restoration/conservation management, how we measure progress in delivering restoration and how we can coordinate monitoring and survey on peatlands to support our goals.

There will be two rounds of 3 parallel workshops each lasting 50 minutes

A. Peatland Restoration Guidelines

The objective of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to discuss the restoration guidance available, identify areas where consensus has not yet been reached and issues requiring further testing.

B. Peatland restoration and Forestry

An opportunity to look at what work is being done on restoration of peatlands from forestry and to identify monitoring and survey work required to help inform restoration management and provide information on the biodiversity, carbon and water impacts

C. Managing peatlands for Agriculture

Explore the opportunities for farming on lowland peatlands with lessons from across Europe to demonstrate how peatland function can be maintained alongside agriculture production.

10:45 – Round Two of Workshops

D. Peatland Code Pilot

Explore the Peatland Code Pilot work and the development of proxy methods to assess carbon benefits based on vegetation.

E. Coordinating Science, Policy and People

Identify opportunities for strategic work to better coordinate peatland science to inform policy.  Also look at engaging communities and individuals in the monitoring and survey of peatland condition as well as outcomes for biodiversity carbon and water.

F. Consequences of Peatland Restoration for land managers

Explore the hurdles and opportunities for land managers in delivering peatland restoration and examine how the role of agriculture advisors, land agents and government grants can support this.

11:45 – Refreshments and prepare for field trips

12.00 -17:00 Fieldtrips - TBC

17:00-19:00 – Period of Leisure

19:15 – Meet at collection point for Civic Reception

19:30 – Civic Reception and evening dinner

DAY 3 - Wednesday 22nd October

09:30 – Welcome

Overview of Peatland Workshops

Session 4 – A review of the evidence base for peatland ecosystem services
This session will look at the latest scientific work on peatlands and what developments are being made in understanding the impacts on carbon water and biodiversity.

09:45 - International peatland restoration lessons

10:00 - Flow Country Research Overview

10:20 – Peatland Carbon Research including Methane Management

10:50 –- Overview of Defra Science on Peatlands

11:05 – Peatlands and Water

11:35 – Panel Discussion

Session 5 – Looking Forward

11:50 – New initiatives for Peatlands
Summary of new strategic actions at a UK and international level to support peatlands

12:20 – Closing remarks and close of conference

Case studies on peatland restoration methodology, monitoring and Survey
We are looking for summaries of peatland restoration projects underway or completed to demonstrate methods of restoration as well as summarising any monitoring methods or scientific research on the impacts on water carbon and biodiversity.

Posters should provide a summary of the project ( as per the case study template for demo success projects) – collaborative examples under a particular theme eg within a region or partnership, or on a topic such as restoration from forestry, are welcomed.

We are also interested in posters from research bodies to summarise results of scientific work aimed at assessing restoration effectiveness, as well as work on assessing the impacts on carbon water and biodiversity

Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference. We ask that all presenters attend the Poster Session on the Monday 20th October evening to discuss their work and answer questions from delegates.

After submission you will receive a confirmation email confirming you poster has been accepted and with more details on format and practicalities. If you have any additional questions please contact Rea Cris [email protected]

Please share the conference details with your colleagues and networks.

#PeatlandAction2014  #LearnfromSuccess2014