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Funding for Biodiversity: an analysis of UK's spend towards the 2010 target

Formally titled: Who Pays for Biodiversity and Who Benefits? 

Starting as a proposal by the late Richard Sandbrook (at the time Co-opted to ExCo), this project was an attempt at determining how much the UK pays toward protecting biodiversity and what benefits are derived from this expenditure.
Please note that the content of both the Executive Summary and full report are subject to review and further development by parties who hold additional or alternative information to that currently given.
The Funding for Biodiversity report was drafted on the Committee’s behalf by the RSPB and has yet to be formally adopted.
  • To estimate the financial outlays from UK public and private entities, both domestically and internationally, that can reasonably be regarded as contributing towards the 2010 target. 
  • To set actual expenditure in the context of the estimated costs of achieving the 2010 target and in the context of the benefits associated with the conservation of habitats and maintenance of ecosystem services.
  • To build on current national and EC initiatives for measuring biodiversity spend and support or recommend a systematic means of accounting for and reporting on it.
  • To produce an up-to-date report on biodiversity expenditure in the UK.


The main output will be a report covering the following:
  • The latest available evidence on what the UK spends in relation to its biodiversity commitments.
  • A comparison between estimated actual spend with the estimated costs of a number of biodiversity related policies.
  • It will seek to demonstrate, quantitatively and qualitatively the range and nature of the benefits the UK obtains through its spending on biodiversity.
  • Proposals for the development of a systematic biodiversity funding report.
Project Working Group

Paul Morling (Chair) - RSPB
Eric Blencowe - Defra
Andy Brown - English Nature
Julian Harlow - English Nature
Mark Huxham - Scottish Environment Link
Shaun Mowat - Defra
Tony Weighell - Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Minutes of Working Group meetings

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